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Photo Credit: Jim Donnelly

Artist Statement

“I paint places and views that are disregarded by most. Again and again I am drawn back to the edgelands around my home-town of Amble. These rolling fields, quiet woods and open skies offer up the most spectacular of vistas. But these vistas do not conform to the traditional conception of the English countryside. These vistas were once open cast coal mines, land that has been continually shaped by man. Yet, it is in these places that I have found such an exceedingly rich sense of place.

As Amble becomes ever more popular, housing developers seek to spread outwards onto these fields, concreting over these views. So, to some extent my work is of an archival nature, documenting and preserving these views before the inevitable occurs. Yet the work is also a very personal documentation of my relationship with nature and the elements, I never cease to be amazed by how much, the seasons, the sun and the moon, the tides and the weather can move the soul. But at the root of my work is a desire to convey beauty where at first others are unable to see it. If my work can go some way towards making people value this kind of landscape then I will be able to say with conviction that my work has succeeded.”

-March 2021

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